What sort of massage do you need?

The massages are presented in two broad catagories - the super-soothing and the reenvigorating.

If you still can't decide after reading the  descriptions, take a look at the tips for choosing page or contact me.

The times given indicate the length of the massage,  you will need to add at least 30 minutes for your total appiontment times, especially if you want to enjoy the free cup of tea at the end of the massage

I offer five distinct whole-body massages as well as three other techniques that concentrate on one part of the body - head, back or feet.


Depending on how you are feeling and what you like there is bound to be one or several massages for you.

Reception / relaxation space
Reception / relaxation space

Massage space
Massage space

Massage Room
Massage Room

Reception / relaxation space
Reception / relaxation space


Gentle, soothing massages


80 Gentle, rounded movements bring together and reunite the different parts of the body.  As the massage progresses the application of heat pads complete the pampering session.  1 hour, whole body massage - 60€

Gentle and soothing massages

Relaxing Back Massage

A powerful anti-stress massage, releasing tensions from the shoulders, neck, head and face. Working with ancient Indian theories, realigning energy flow through chakras to calm body and soul. 30 minutes seated massage - 30€

Champissage: shoulders, neck, head, face

Massage with oiled, smooth, rounded pebbles of different sizes, heated to about 50°C. As your body absorbs the heat from the stones your emotional and physical tensions melt away. 1hr 20mins, whole body massage - 70€

Hot Stones

Stress at work and too much time spent sitting? This massage works to put that right as gentle, introductory movements give way to a firmer pressure in the knottiest places and the séance is completed with the application of a heat pad.  30 minutes - 30€

Reflexology (feet)

Ancient Chinese technique for rebalancing the energy in the whole body and its systems and organs via the reflex areas of the feet. Brings a great feeling of relaxation. 1 hour, lying down, lower legs and feet - 60€

Dynamic and energising massages


Massage with bamboo rods of different diameters, this flexible, yet strong material can iron out knotted muscles, firm up the skin and increase blood and lymphatic circulation. Leaves you relaxed and feeling lighter. 1 hour, whole body massage - 60€

Bamboo Massage

Long, ample flowing movements, stretches and the use of forearms as well as hands makes this massage feel like you are being rocked by the waves on a tropical island. Feel the power of the ocean. 1 hour, whole body massage - 60€


Fantastic energising massage with a blend of Indian, Thai and Indonesian techniques including acupressure, stretching, smoothing and percussion. No knotted or tired muscle stands a chance! 1 hour, whole body massage - 60€

Dynamic and energising massages